Supplier Profile (Front-end View)

Supplier Partner Profile

  1. To view your supplier partner profile you can go to the link we have sent to you by email when we notified you your profile is live online... eg. Click here!
  2. Here you will find your company details with a hero banner photo, logo, and description. We do have the option to embed a youtube or Vimeo video, just let us know the URL.
  3. We can add in your reviews from Google, TripAdvisor, and Facebook. Just let us know which review accounts you would like to display and your URLs.
  4. You will see there are buttons that link directly to your website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.
  5. All the products you have listed in our marketplace will show up in the "MY TOURS" list.
NOTE: Only supplier partners on the PRO Plan will have a Supplier Partner Profile and list of products. Basic Plan will show products in our search engine but not list your company name.

Here is what the front-end Supplier Partner Profile looks like...

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